04 febrero, 2010

My blog ain't dead yet

It's been more than a year since I wrote in my blog, but if you're reading this, you mostly don't care, as I wrote in Spanish before. It's been a long year and many things have happened, I'm not here to sum them up, I've come to start over again.

For a long time I've been thinking what should I do with my blog, since I came back to Spain from my Erasmus year I haven't been feeling like writing much. Finally, I've put myself to write again, but I won't say how often will I do it, it'll be most probably irregular, but I prefer to write interesting stuff than just stupid things to fill the blog.

But mostly two reasons have pushed me to write again. First, I got an N900 from Nokia with Maemo in Maemo Barcelona-Long-Weekend and I've been testing an app to write in blogs (called MaStory, really cool). Actually, even though the phone is pretty expensive, I wouldn't doubt to buy it if I had none. It's plainly the best phone experience I've ever had, closer to a netbook than a phone actually. I haven't tested the NexusOne, but as far as I know, the N900 is the best out there.

Second reason, this blog was created to narrate my adventures around the world, and I'm travelling in less than a month. I'm gonna go to USA to visit a friend and I'll use the blog to tell stuff about the trip and upload photos. I'll tell more in the upcoming days.

Well, that's mostly what I wanted to say, I don't know how many people out there might be interested in having the blog in English, so please say some words if you want me to keep writing with both languages. Consider it will be a bigger effort for me, as I manually translate the posts, so if I don't see interest in the English version I'll stop writing in it. Also, I'd appreciate a bit of info on what you might prefer reading, it could be about the books I've read and I feel I should tell the world, TV-shows, technology (N900, FreeRunner, Hanlin e-reader...), continue with Finish stuff... I'll be writing what I feel I've gotta write, but your opinion is important for me and it might push me as well to write about something else.

PS: I forgot to mention that I'm using Twitter and you might as well follow me to keep up with stuff I do, anyway I mostly use it to keep in contact with people.

2 comentarios:

Angie dijo...

I prefer Spanish, 'cos I am Spanish! And Finland and Finns are interesting for Me, especially Pekka Ansio and Timo Kotipelto. Kisses from Barcelona. Angie

Jana dijo...

all the same to me - I want to hear about your N900 / Qt experiences! ;) Jana