08 febrero, 2010

ComicAgg and CBML

Now that I'm back in the blog, I'm gonna advertise myself a little bit. I'll start with CBML (short form for Can't Believe My Luck), a comic strip a friend of mine has been doing for some years already, and in which I've worked most of time as a translator. Although once I draw one and there are more to come.

So don't forget to pay a visit to http://cbml.es and leave some comments, you'll make us happy! :D

Second, I wanted to give you a really useful link to a great web application to follow web-comics. It's an app that a friend of mine did a while ago to follow comfortably his favourite web-comics, and everyone around him started using it too. It's grown quite a lot since then I think, although I don't have numbers on how many users or anything. But at least the number of web-comics has increased a lot and every few days there are more and more new comic pages added. I don't only tell you to use it because a friend did it, I recommend it because it is really useful if you have lots of web-comics you like and follow. I have around 40 or 60 new comics every day to read, I would have never been capable of following so many if I had to visit each website one by one. And by the way, one of the comics you can follow is CBML (English version included).

So you know, if you like web-comics, visit http://comicagg.com and create an account for you.

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