12 febrero, 2010

Finnish Flag Days Calendar

A long time ago I wrote (in Spanish) about the Finnish flag, its history, the days you've got to hang it up... And long after that I decided to move the info about the Finnish Flag days to a public Google-Calendar with information about every day and everything. So today I'm bringing that calendar here, in case you want to add it into your own calendar. All the information is written in English.

You can find the calendar clicking here. And if you want to add it to your calendars, you have to press in the bottom-right corner, where you see a '+' followed by "Google Calendar".

I've remembered about this calendar thanks to a post of BigInFinland (Spanish blog about Finland, one of the best in the web in Spanish). The post is about the Sami National Day. And I found out that Sami population raise their flag in this day, between others. So now I'm gonna add all the information about Sami Flag Days too, luckily not too many.

Sami Flag

Finnish Flag

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