23 febrero, 2010

The Cosmonaut

Not long ago I found this movie project and I couldn't stop myself from advertising it, as I love the idea around it. Let's sum it up. The movie will be published under a Creative Commons license, so everyone will be able to share it, see it and even edit it. In order to get the money to make the movie, the authors are offering something that as far as I know (please correct me if I'm wrong) it's completely new and has never been done before. They let everyone to be a "producer" for a small amount of money. You won't really be a real producer, we could call it more like a passive producer. You'll put some money and you will appear in the credits (they'll be long, really long) and get the producer package (it includes stickers, one badge and a signed paper stipulating your position in the movie). There's some other merchandising, of course, helping way more to make the film.

As of today, they've got 1846 producers and some trailers you can watch in their web page. By the way, you can get bigger roles in the movie; if you give 1000€ or more you get to be an investor, owning a certain percentage of the movie (only 26% in sale).

I uploaded a photo with the content of the package sent (without stickers), and a pin from a U.R.S.S. space mission that I bought separately (it's small but really cool).

Producer package

"The Cosmonaut" web page

PD: as you might see, the paper included comes written in Russian, so I can only guess what it says.

Edit: You can find a translation of the certificate that I said was in Russian in the next web: http://elcosmonauta.es/certifikat/

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