02 marzo, 2010

Future USA Trip

There's barely 3 days left to go to USA, so I don't think I'm gonna be publishing a lot this days. Although I'm not that sure, maybe, in those times while I'm traveling with the car or the bus, I might feel like writing, and later on publish it, maybe with some photos too.

I'll now sum up a bit the idea of the travel, and tell adventures some other time. To begin with, we are going to Boston, MA via Madrid. There we'll pick up a rented car (one of those Toyotas that suffered the gas pedal problem xD) to go to the small town of South Royalton, VT. We'll spend 4 days there, first one being the day we arrive, two other that we will use to know the surroundings and the last one to leave back to Boston. Unluckily we will be unable to visit Canada, although I was hoping I could play some Curling...

Back in Boston we'll leave the car and take a Bus from the Fungh Chung Wa enterprise, or something similar... It's a Chinese bus company that goes from Boston (and other cities) to ChinaTown in NY for 15$. As our hotel is in the same 'hood it's quite the best option for us (I've been already learning some basic stuff to say in Chinese :P). Once there, we will get set up in the hotel and go walking somewhere, and so it'll be the rest of the trip. Walking around Manhattan non-stop. For the time being I'm reading a guide to NYC, so I know most of the things that we should be seeing between other tips. But obviously we'll see the most touristy places. And let's see if we are lucky and we can get up the Statue of Liberty, that as I discovered recently, only 10 persons can go up the more than 300 steps at the same time to watch from the crown. And for doing that, you need to reserve the tickets through the internet the same day you go.

But anyway, I'll tell more things once they happen. And I'll post photos of course :D

See you soon!

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